Ricardo and Gabrielle Saint-André, an open-minded couple of detectives, are invited to a wedding in Cheshire, England. As they arrive they meet their hosts, Tracy and Sara, the gorgeous Baltimore sisters, whom Ricardo met years ago in Portugal. Sara is about to marry famous football player Mr. Sousa, whereas Tracy is marrying play-boy millionaire Sir Max Weyden. The wedding celebration ends abruptly with a car crash. As people leave the party, they discover the dead body of Sara Baltimore hanging from a tree, and below her feet, the agonizing body of Mr. Sousa–inside his crashed Mercedes.

Mr. Baltimore wants to accept the common belief that his daughter committed suicide, but the Saint-André persuade him to start an investigation. Ricardo gets the support of Scotland Yard Inspector Zayed, who unveils the past of the main invited guests to the macabre wedding.  They all have in common their support for Eleutheria, a pro-choice society.

In order to get key information, Gabrielle seduces Alfred–a dentistry student and Sara’s previous lover. She finds out that they both were students of Doctor Knox, a famous dentist recently accused of murdering hundreds of patients for several years.

As they disentangle a net of favors and complicities, Dr. Philippe Dupin, a French doctor is murdered in a motel. They discover Dr. Dupin was a notorious abortionist in France. They decide then to stage a performance in order to break into Eleutheria’s quarters.

There, Ricardo discover Eleutheria’s darkest secret. Placing his life and Gabrielle’s in danger, he must think and act quickly in order to reveal the identity of the murderer to the press.

An intriguing plot of greed, betrayal and deceit.

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