The eye fish from heaven_7448629688_m

We had built an entire new world
Out of her loneliness and mine
We believed we had found the joy
With the naiveté of the blessed souls
We used to talk about the unbreakable link
Between love and creation
We used to pray to God–as Job and Jesus
But we had to endure–as both of them

I received his Being on my hands
As Virgen Mary may have done it
Our hopes and our pain
Were buried in his red-silent face
Slipping away from our words
Our beloved child left us
Without saying a word
We cried once more
And then,
(For there is always a thereafter,)
We had to bury our heart
In the consolation of each other
Once more
Our love was melted
To become a greater single one


4 thoughts on “Poem to a lost Child

  1. Hi Huge. Very sorry to read of your loss! Thank you for calling by and wanting to follow my poetry adventures. I stay neutral of religions but respect people beliefs! I Like all things Paranormal! Conspiracy theories and the truth within! Observing this crazy violent virtual reality society! UFO’s! Writing is my passion that keeps me sane and alive! Great to meet you#TheFoureyedPort.

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